Esprit Padel 7 padel court Manzasport in France

Esprit Padel is a sports club that has 6 indoor padel courts, 4 of them Pro Model and 2 Pro Panoramic Model. The seventh Manzasport padel court is Pro Panoramic Model and is located outside.

The structure of the 7 padel courts is black, which contrasts with the yellow of the lighting poles, the corporate color of the client.

The turf installed in the 7 Manzasport padel courts is the Mondo STX Super Court, used in the World Padel Tour competition.

Each of the 7 padel courts have 8 LED lights of 200W for correct lighting of the padel courts during the game.


Manzasport padel court official of the Miami Padel Master 2017

Miami Padel Master is the first test of the 2017 World Padel Tour calendar and we are very pleased to announce that we are the padel court official of the tournament. From April 26 to 30 in Miami (USA) you can enjoy the best paddle in the world in the first master of the 2017 season.

Our paddle courts travel to Miami for an event that will be wonderful.

The final table of the Miami Padel Master that will begin on April 26 is now available on the World Padel Tour website. You can see the box by clicking here. We will be very aware of our players Álvaro Cepero and Aday Santana who will be disputing their second tournament together, we hope that playing in a track of the house bring you good luck.