2 padel courts PRO Les Adrets (France)

Instalación 2 pistas de pádel Pro en Tennis club Les Adrets


Cliente: Tennis Club Les Adrets
Ciudad: Les Adrets
País: France
Año: 2.020

Project overview

In this project we have installed 2 padel courts model PRO in Tennis Club Les Adrets, in France East’s side. Our courts have been placed in a lovely Sports Centre, allowing them to enlarge their different sports offer.

In ManzaSport we believe in padel’s internationalization

Court’s installation has been done as a Sport Centre enlargement, highlighting its synthetic turf choice: Roof tile Orange Monofilament.

2 new padel courts in Les Adrets (France)

As always at Manza Sport, we are committed to paddle’s expansion and, above all, to top quality padel courts manufacturing process. For all these reasons we are nº 1 padel court’s manufacturer worldwide.

So, Tennis Club Les Adrets already has some excellent facilities for padel practice, placed inside a beautiful town in Ródano-Alpes region, surrounded by spectacular views and very touristy, worth visiting.