Monviso Padel Club by Manzasport


Client: Monviso Padel Club
City: Turin
Country: Italy
Year:  2017

Monviso Padel Culb has already 4 padel courts Manzasport.


In June 2016 we manufacture and install two padel courts of our Model Pro in Monviso Padel Club a social and sports club located in the town of Grugliasco in Turin.

This Italian club had 2 Manzasport padel courts and this year has extended to 2 more. So it already has 4 padel courts Manzasport. The ones we have installed in this extension are our Premium Panoramic model, the pretty girl from our padel courts models, and since we are manufacturers we can customize your padel courts as you want and with the specifications you need.

This month of May 2017 we installed two padel courts of our Panoramic Premium model with blue structure, and fibrillated grass . The sand used for filling the grass is silica sand 0.2-0.8 mm thick white. The crystal used is tempered glass 12 mm thick. And these two padel courts have LED lighting.

Wellness area, swimming pool, tennis courts and now 4 manzasport padel courts to enjoy the sport in Turin.