pista panoramica agora


Client: Padel Pro Tour
City: Valencia
Country: España
Year: 2012

Manzasport installs a paddle court in the Agora of the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia for the VII International Tu Tempo.


On the occasion of the celebration of the PPT Valencia 2012 we installed a portable paddle court in the “City of Arts and Sciences” of Valencia.

The PPT Valencia 2012 was held in the Agora of the City of Arts and Sciences a spectacular place to enjoy the paddle.

For this event the client opted for the Special Panoramic Model and due to the unevenness in the pavement in which the paddle court had to be installed and with the impossibility of anchoring the floor, we installed a wooden platform to facilitate the assembly, as well as as to favor the regularity of the soil, for a good development of the game.

The portable paddle court had a structure in red, the chosen lawn was monofilament in black. White silica sand 0.2-0.8 mm thick was used to fill the turf. 12mm thick tempered glass was used for the crystals and for the pillars. And for the lighting, 8 metal halide spotlights were installed with the Manzasport lighting system for the correct illumination during the game. As a detail in this paddle court model, side benches were installed for the players’ rest.

From Manzasport we have extensive experience in sports events related to the world of paddle so we know that time in public places is always very tight. That is why the assembly of the portable paddle tennis court was done in 48 hours.