Manzasport instaladores de pistas de padel


Client: Rackets Academy
Country: Arab Emirates
Year:  2016

One padel court in Dubai to Rackets Academy by Manzasport. We are manufacturers of padel court.


At the end of November we made the installation of the padel court we made for Rackets Academy, a very interesting and complete project.

We manufacture and install a padel court model Plus, our characteristic model that has some reinforcements that makes it the most resistant of the padel equipment market.

The color chosen for the structure was a classic, the green, and for the lawn our customer chose the blue turf of Mondo. LED lighting 8 spotlights for the paddle court, which will make the game with artificial light is perfect. And of course with our personalization details, laser engraving on cornerers the name of our client.

Padel court in Dubai by Manzasport, we are manufacturers.