Pistas de padel manzasport en vinaroz


Client: Padel Stroke
City: Vinaroz
Country: Spain
Year:  2017

Manzasport manufacturers of padel courts, manufacture and install 3 padel courts in Vinaroz (Castellón).


In Vinaroz (Castellón) it opens its doors to the first of the year 2017 Padel Stroke Vinaroz for enjoyment of padel lovers. A indoor club that has Manzasport padel courts.

Two padel courts of our Aday Model, and 1 padel court Premium Panoramic Model. The 3 padel courts with gray structure.

For this indoor sports facility the customer opted for a blue fibrillated turf, which makes a spectacular combination with the gray color of the structure. LED lighting on the 3 padel courts.

A club that besides padel has cafeteria service and shop.