Toulouse Padel Club by Manzasport


Client: Toulouse Padel Club
City: Toulouse
Country: France
Year: 2017

A Padel Club in Toulouse (France) with 10 Padel Courts Manzasport.


A Padel Club in Toulouse (France) with 10 Padel Courts Manzasport.

The Toulouse Padel Club has 10 padel courts of our Model Manzasport Panoramic Premium, with all structure in black colour  and the vertical corner covers of Stainless steel profile, customized by laser cutting.

The type of artificial grass which was chosen for 7 of the padel courts is the  monofilament by Mondo, in blue.The other 3 courts equipped with Mondo´s type “Super Court”, also in blue. This grass being quite similar to the type of grass used for the World Padel Tour competition. For the court chosen to be the central court  a Mondo “monofilament” grass has been installed, in black colour, and the sand used of black colour too ( 0,2-0.8mm granulometry). Black sand in order to not affect the black colour of the grass, maintaining its intense black tone.To fill up the grass of the  the 9 other padel courts, with blue grass, a white sand was used ( 0,2-0,8mm)

With regard to the lighting, all padel courts are equipped with 8 LED boxes per court for a correct illumination during the game.

The glass used for the 10 padel courts installed in this French club being  tempered glass of 12mm thickness.

Apart from facilities which allow indoor and outdoor games, this club has a snack bar with spectacular views over all indoor courts and where you can enjoy good sports on television. You can play padel or have a drink while enjoying a soccer game.

With 10 padel courts we can say that the Toulouse Padel Club is between the biggest clubs of France. When you pass by Toulouse and you like padel we strongly recommend you to visit this facility because it is a real temple of our sport.