At ManzaSport we work in the manufacture and sale of padel courts as well as other types of facilities like football pitches, tennis courts and other sports amenities.

We’re a young company, but we have more than 20 years of experience in the sale of padel courts at international level.Our padel courts are already being used in more than 70 countries around the world, setting the standard in countries like the United States, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Senegal and Germany.

We’re well known in European countries like France, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

We’re also pioneers in taking padel to any corner of the world, including Equatorial Guinea, Reunion Island, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahamas, Venezuela and Mexico.


At ManzaSport we believe in and are committed to the sport of padel. Our team of engineers develop and study all our sports projects to ensure they meet the specific needs of each customer and each city where they’re installed.

ManzaSport employs professionals with an international reputation and with top-level knowledge and skills in the development and financing of any kind of sports project.

Our padel courts have been designed in line with the technical specifications of the Spanish and International Padel Federation and in compliance with sports facilities regulations (NIDE 2021) in order to respond to the growing demand for this type of facility.

Pistas de pádel homologadas - ManzaSport
ManzaSport - pistas de pádel para tí


We have various models of padel courts and structures designed to give our customers different options.

At present we can supply 5 types of padel court and we’re developing new designs to meet our customers’ needs.

We currently have 2 pillar courts and 3 panoramic courts.

We also offer customised and special made to measure padel courts for customers with particular requirements because of space or location issues.


Our padel courts not only stand out for their quality standards and their presence throughout the world, but we’re also proud to say that they’re used in iconic places and events like the World Padel Tour 2017 in Valladolid, the 2014 Padel World Cup in Mallorca, the official court at Miami Padel Master 2017, Premier Padel Monterrey 2022 and other competitions including the Mutua Madrid Open, Miami Sony Open and the Foro Italico in Rome.

Plus, one of our court models is championed by Paquito Navarro, a professional padel player who became world number 1 for the first time in 2019 and inspired the design of our Paquito Navarro court.

Because we know what our customers need, we continue to provide maintenance and repair services for the wall padel courts installed years ago.

Pista de Pádel modelo Navarro Gold


The Paquito Navarro Gold padel court by ManzaSport is a sports facility designed to showcase both the game and the spectacle.

This court is the jewel in the crown of our range and is championed by padel tennis world number 1 player Paquito Navarro.

The court features a robust design and a fully panoramic background, making it an elegant court that both players and spectators will love. It’s possibly the toughest panoramic glass wall on the market.

With a setting like this, all we can say is… Let the match begin!



This model has been designed and manufactured with export in mind and is currently an international best-selling padel court; it’s also designed to optimise performance. It was our top seller in 2020 and 2021.

This is a robust padel court, with excellent quality pillars and reinforcements in the structure, allowing it to be very resistant to impacts and strong gusts of wind.

Plus, this court is manufactured in compliance with the Spanish buildability technical code and Eurocode, as well as with all the specifications set by the International Padel Federation.

Pista de pádel modelo Manza
Pista de pádel modelo Manza


The padel court Pro model was where it all started, as this was the first model we ever made. The design is based on a frame structure, to meet the demands of padel clubs for their sports facilities.

The court is easy to install with a special design that allows it to stand upright without being anchored to the ground, a feature that makes it the ideal portable facility.

This court is robust, functional and easy to install, in full compliance with the CTE for its high impact resistance.


The Panorámica Premium padel court is has been designed for professional padel tennis, so it certainly won’t disappoint. It was our best seller in 2022 and 2023.

Its fantastic design leaves no blind spots, allowing spectators to appreciate even the smallest detail during the match. Also available in full panoramic option.

This court has great playability, as it’s designed from the player’s point of view, enabling them to play at the highest level.

This padel court goes on sale as part of a range with multiple customisation options and also complies with the CTE.

Pista de pádel modelo Miami WPT
Pista de pádel modelo Center Court


Padel court developed and designed for international competitions. Its design means it has been used as a centre court for television broadcasts. We recommend it as the centre court for high-performing clubs, where players can develop their best shots and play like the professionals.


At ManzaSport we manufacture our own padel courts so we can customise your court based on a wide range of features.

We can customise your padel court according to your needs in terms of space, aesthetics or your home town’s requirements.

Choose how you want your own padel court, with or without benches, sides with interior LED lighting, corners with personal brand logo engraving, etc.

We design and manufacture courts for small spaces, including singles courts for private homes or as additional courts in sports complexes.

Singles padel courts can be installed on surfaces measuring 20×6 metres and are ideal for training or for parents and children to learn playing together.

We also manufacture courts with greater wind resistance due to the needs of different local regulations (Kiwa, USA regulations, Eurocode, etc.)

Pista de pádel personalizada - ManzaSport


At ManzaSport we don’t just sell padel courts, we’re also manufacturers and we have our own designs, as we have described.

Our technical team’s expertise and qualifications means we can offer you a turnkey service for your club or sports facility.

Entrust your installations to ManzaSport professionals

In our factory we painstakingly prepare every padel court we make and that’s why we’re already the world’s number 1 padel court manufacturer.


• One of the services most in demand is to update wall padel courts.
• This involves changing the single-twist enclosure for electro-welded mesh with greater impact resistance and durability.
• We can change the old grass for new, whether fibrillated or textured monofilament.
• We change small glass to large glass as per FIP 2018 regulations.

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