Manzasport en el World Padel Tour Madrid Challenger 2018

Este año volvemos a colaborar junto con la organización de los Challenger World Padel Tour para ser pista de pádel central de las pruebas de este 2018. Y comenzamos en Madrid con una pista de pádel muy especial para nosotros y que forma parte de un proyecto pensado por y para el pádel.  Porque para esta prueba hemos pensado en dar a conocer nuestra pista de pádel insignia , y no podía ser otra que nuestro modelo “Paquito Navarro Gold”. Y qué mejor escenario que Madrid, la capital, para hacerlo.

La semana del 18 de Mayo a 3 de Junio se disputó en Madrid el World Padel Tour Madrid Challenger 2018, una prueba deportiva con una dotación económica de 15.000€.


Podéis consultar los cuadros del torneo en el siguiente enlace a la web oficial de los challenger, pinchando aquí.

Esperamos que tanto jugadores como espectadores disfruten al máximo del Madrid Challenger. Porque iniciativas como esta hacen que el pádel vaya haciéndose más y más conocido. Agradecidos a la organización por volver a contar con nosotros . Próxima parada de nuestra pista de pádel Melilla.

¿ Quieres saber sobre las pistas de padel “Paquito Navarro”? Puedes consultar las características pinchando aquí.

Cañas y Espona Champions of International Padel Open in Dublin



The Dublin International Padel Open was held from 4 to 6 May in the magnificent facilities of the “Bushy Park Padel and Tennis Club” located in city of Dublin. The tournament was a part of the European Padel Circuit called “International Padel Experience by Madison” and also was recognized by the “Padel Federation of Ireland”. Players from different parts of Spain and also players from Argentina, England, Scotland, Italy, Portugal and of course some local players entered the main draw.

Eduardo Espona and Jerónimo Cañas from Granada were considered as one of the candidate for the title and they fulfilled the expectations. After winning 5 games in the main draw they proceeded to the grand final against another great Spanish couple – Javier Cabrera from Sevilla and Enrique Molina from Ciudad Real.  The „Granaderos“ won the title with a forceful 6/1 and 6/1, however the results does not reflect the equal level of the game. Cañas says: “We are very happy to win another international title and to see how the padel is growing all over the world”.

In addition to their great week in the competition, Cañas and Espona were offered by the Club to give a “Master Class” and “Clinics” of padel during another 3 days after the competition.  Espona says: “Now it’s time to take a rest, and prepare well for our next International Tournament, which will be the FIP 500 held in Rome. This tournament is one of the International Padel Federation circuit that will be held at the Foro Italico from May 17 to 20”.

Currently Jeronimo is ranked 105thin the world ranking and Eduardo is ranked 181st, their goal is to finish the year within the 100 best players in the world.

Mauri Andrini y Manzasport

Today we know Mauri Andrini a little better

Mauri Andrini y Manzasport
Image by Daniel Bron y David Albuixech

Today we know a little more Mauri Andrini new addition to the Manzasport team that tells us that he started playing padel in Argentina his homeland when he was 6 years old.

  • Tell me a brief summary of your professional career, your ranking position, tournaments you have won.Ranked #120 in the World Padel Tour circuit and top 45 in Catalonia in only 1 year of competing in Spain. I play padel for more than 25 years as I started when i was 6 years old in Argentina.

    Mauri Andrini is a professional player who participates in the most prestigious padel championship, the World Padel Tour as well s the Catalonia Championships together with top players in the world. He is one of the few World Padel Tour players who travels around the globe coaching players and coaches alike, showing his passion for the sport of padel.

    Every game is a challenge in which Mauri aims to achieve better results, no matter how hard it is. He believes that the effort required is only a matter of attitude, desire and a passion for padel.

  • What is padel for you?Padel is a passion, It’s a lifestyle and it is also my challenge for the future, I want to spread the word “padel” all over the world.
  • How did you start in this sport?I began playing padel when he was 6 years old at “Club Atlético San Martín” in Pehuajó city, Argentina, with a great coach “Martin Pato Estruch” who was also the first head coach of the current #1 in the world, Fernando Belasteguín (BELA) who was also born in Pehuajo city.After a great junior career and achieving several provincial and national titles, I won his first “world title” in Argentina in 2000 with his partner Francisco Severo.

    Whilst living in London in 2012 and without competing in 10 years, I started playing the “British Padel Tour “, reaching the #1 ranking in just 11 months.

    The opportunity arose to join the David Lloyd Leisure Group, the most famous chain of health and fitness clubs in the UK as their Head Padel Co-ordinator at one of their biggest clubs in the UK, David Lloyd Chigwell. Besides teaching, I actively promoted the sport of padel in Europe

  • What expectations do you have for next year?It’s hard to say as I am currently promoting the sport and flying to different countries twice a months which does not allow me to train properly to reach higher fitness conditions to compete in such a tour as WPT which is getting more and more professional every year. I am currently top 120 in the world and I would like to be top 100 in the close future, but if one day I have to decide weather competing to reach top 100 or promoting the sport to make it bigger around the globe, I will not hesitate to go for the second choice.
  • How are you preparing?Thanks god I have a great team with me. Juan Carlos Canga Cao is the coach at Espai Padel Blanes in Catalonia, and together with Marina (Personal Trainer) and 2 juniors Walef and Joan, we are training as much as we can every week.
  • In what player position do you feel most comfortable? I am left-handed player so, I play on the right side.
  • Who is your partner? And how did you decide to play together?My partner is Sergio Bursa, a very well experienced player (Argentina) who lives in Tarragona and we meet 2 years ago at the WPT Mijas in Malaga, and after the match we started our relationship. (Actually he beat me in that match), one year later he knew that I was coming to live in Barcelona, and so he invited me to make a team together and compete not only the WPT but also the Catalonian championships. Since then, the best result we had together was the round of 8 (Octavos de final) at the World Padel Tour Challenger Sweden 2017.
  • In the world of padel, tell us who is your reference player.                                                                                                    I don’t have 1 player. I always try to take a little from everyone. I could tell you the strength of Maxi Sanchez, the talent of Sanyo, the technique of Cristian Gutierrez, the hunger from Bela and Pablo, the mind set from Mati Diaz… and I could continue the list for at least 10 more players….
  • Which match would you like to dispute? Where and against what players?The match I would love to play I already played it. Bela and me against Sanyo and Ale Salazar. All the top players in the same court, I could not believe it and I was so thanks to Head for such an opportunity.
  • What do you consider your best shot?My best shot is my forehand off the back wall as well as my forehand volley down the line. Anyway, all my shot are actually not good… but those two are not “that bad”… hahaha
  • Are you superstitious inside the padel court?Sometimes. I change my overripe every match, and I have to get on padel court doing a little “jump” when I am active. It’s very easy to recognise when I am active and confortable. and also when I am not….
  • What padel bat have you chosen for your professional career?My padel bat is the HEAD ALPHA PRO, the one Sanyo uses. It’s a combination between power and control and I actually love it.
  • Who are your sponsors?Head is the oficial sponsor of Mauri Andrini as a player and padel promoter, We work together with “Hello Padel” spreading the sport all over the world, mainly in Europe.My sponsorships who make my career possible are: ManzaSport , Ginpap Publicitat,, Hello Padel.

Image by Daniel Bron y David Albuixech.

Esprit Padel 7 padel court Manzasport in France

Esprit Padel is a sports club that has 6 indoor padel courts, 4 of them Pro Model and 2 Pro Panoramic Model. The seventh Manzasport padel court is Pro Panoramic Model and is located outside.

The structure of the 7 padel courts is black, which contrasts with the yellow of the lighting poles, the corporate color of the client.

The turf installed in the 7 Manzasport padel courts is the Mondo STX Super Court, used in the World Padel Tour competition.

Each of the 7 padel courts have 8 LED lights of 200W for correct lighting of the padel courts during the game.