Visit of Paquito Navarro to our factory

During the celebration of the World Padel Tour in Valencia, Paquito Navarro has taken advantage of his stay in our city to visit the ManzaSport padel court factory. Besides being an ambassador of our courts, Paquito Navarro is a person who is very involved in the world of padel and for a long time wanted to visit our facilities. In addition to enjoying Paquito with his game and his presence, during this visit we took the opportunity to visit our factory and show him the complete manufacturing process of the

Manzasport at the World Padel Tour Madrid Challenger 2018

This year we are once again collaborating with the organization of the Challenger World Padel Tour to be the central padel court for the 2018 events. And we start in Madrid with a very special padel court for us, which is part of a project designed by and for the padel. That’s why for this event we decided to present our flagship padel court, and it can only be our model “Paquito Navarro Gold”. And what better place to do this than the capital, Madrid. The World Padel Tour Madrid

Cañas y Espona Champions of International Padel Open in Dublin

    The Dublin International Padel Open was held from 4 to 6 May in the magnificent facilities of the “Bushy Park Padel and Tennis Club” located in city of Dublin. The tournament was a part of the European Padel Circuit called “International Padel Experience by Madison” and also was recognized by the “Padel Federation of Ireland”. Players from different parts of Spain and also players from Argentina, England, Scotland, Italy, Portugal and of course some local players entered the main draw. Eduardo Espona and Jerónimo Cañas from Granada were

Mauri Andrini y Manzasport

Today we know Mauri Andrini a little better

Today we know a little more Mauri Andrini new addition to the Manzasport team that tells us that he started playing padel in Argentina his homeland when he was 6 years old. Tell me a brief summary of your professional career, your ranking position, tournaments you have won.Ranked #120 in the World Padel Tour circuit and top 45 in Catalonia in only 1 year of competing in Spain. I play padel for more than 25 years as I started when i was 6 years old in Argentina. Mauri Andrini is

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