Manzasport is a well-established company in the industry. It started 15 years ago in the management of sports events, focusing exclusively on padel and attempting to popularise it.

Our recent experience has led us to attending to the needs of our customers by developing 4 new lines of work:

ManzaSport fabricantes de pistas de padel
ManzaSport venta de pistas de padel

The sale and installation of padel courts : From their manufacture and installation, with either solid or glass walls, to their maintenance, rapid glass replacement and conversion of tennis courts to padel courts.

Comprehensive sports management and advice: We help our customers develop their projects and advise them on the management of their facilities, focusing on optimising their resources for maximum profitability.

Training:  This área is very important for the growth of padel as a sport, and for its popularisation worldwide. ManzaSport actively collaborates with the Valencia Federation for Padel Monitor Training Courses.

At ManzaSport, we promote padel internationally, and are committed to bringing this sport to international attention. We already have facilities in Dubai, Greece, Italy,USA, Portugal, France, Senegal, Germany, Panama, Holland, …, and are trying every day to overcome barriers to make this a well-know sport worldwide

At ManzaSport, we like to take care of the details, so we work on three premises:

  1. Quality, our padel courts are designed under the Spanish and International Padel Federations´technical specifications, in accordance with the sports facilities regulations (NIDE 2004) to respond to the growing demand for such facilities.
  2. Trust, trust us with your project and we will treat it as if it were ours.
  3. Development, we work to innovate in the padel in terms of design, manufacture and assembly.

We are manufactures, so you can customise the padel court you order as you like. Manzasport has industry professionals for both manufacturing and assembling padel courts.

We´re manufactures! We don´t just sell padel courts, but we manga your turnkey project by creating and assembling your complete installation.”

ManzaSport, formacion monitores de padel