We have one of the best padel court factories in Spain and have been specialising in their manufacture since 2003.

Our factory has been designed exclusively for the manufacture of padel courts and padel accessories. We currently have 4 factories based in Beniparrell and Silla (Valencia).


We manufacture following the specifications of the International Padel Federation and in compliance with the regulations for sports facilities set by the Spanish Supreme Council for Sports (NIDE 2021).

We employ fully qualified specialist personnel to develop and come up with the best and the most innovative products for our customers.

We manufacture our padel courts from different points of view, designed with players, spectators and facility managers in mind.

To ensure we provide the best solutions for our customers, we not only design our own courts, we also control the entire manufacturing process, from processing materials, assembly, customisations using laser cutting and finishes in our own on-site paint booth.

Our main offices are based in Carrer Nou in Beniparrell, with a showroom displaying our padel court models.

To visit us, just make an appointment and we’ll be glad to assist you by showing you the whole manufacturing process.

Our entire manufacturing process takes place in Spain, in full compliance with Spanish and European Union standards.

We can also customise our padel courts, adapting them to international regulations in any country or to our customers’ specific requirements.

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