Author: Juan Antonio Senent

Cañas y Espona Champions of International Padel Open in Dublin

    The Dublin International Padel Open was held from 4 to 6 May in the magnificent facilities of the “Bushy Park Padel and Tennis Club” located in city of Dublin. The tournament was a part of the European Padel Circuit called “International Padel Experience by Madison” and also was recognized by the “Padel Federation of Ireland”. Players from different parts of Spain and also players from Argentina, England, Scotland, Italy, Portugal and of course some local players entered the main draw. Eduardo Espona and Jerónimo Cañas from Granada were

Esprit Padel 7 Manzasport padel courts in Lyon

From the hand of our partner in France Conca Sport, is born this sport project that has 7 Manzasport padel courts. We would like to thank Esprit Padel for the trust placed in us and Conca Sport for the great work for the dissemination of padel in France. Esprit Padel is a sports club that has 6 indoor padel courts, 4 of them Model Pro and 2 Model Panoramic Pro. The seventh Manzasport padel court is the Model Panoramic Pro and is located outside. The structure of the 7 padel

New padel courts projects in Europe

Autumn has arrived and we embark on different padel projects. Before the end of the year we will return to Dubai to install 3 padel courts, we also have projects in France, Italy, and of course Spain. But today we want to talk about a project that we can not yet advanced the location. A big project, with 11 Manzasport padel courts. This padel project in Europe will feature 3 model 200 panoramic padel courts, very soon we can explain the details of this new paddle court model. And it

Manzasport official padel court Joma Murcia Challenger

We are very proud to announce that we are the padel court official of World Padel Tour Joma Murcia Challenger that will be played from June 25 to July 2 at the Prince of Asturias Pavilion in Murcia. Álvaro Cepero Manzasport player and Ramiro Moyano travel to Murcia. This Joma Murcia Challenger promises to be a spectacle, are you going to miss it? We are manufacturers of padel courts and install worldwide.  

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