New padel courts projects in Europe

Autumn has arrived and we embark on different padel projects. Before the end of the year we will return to Dubai to install 3 padel courts, we also have projects in France, Italy, and of course Spain.

But today we want to talk about a project that we can not yet advanced the location. A big project, with 11 Manzasport padel courts.

This padel project in Europe will feature 3 model 200 panoramic padel courts, very soon we can explain the details of this new paddle court model. And it will also have 8 padel court Pro Model. These projects are a great impetus for the spread of the padel in Europe, and we are delighted to be part of this great project. No doubt we are sure that this new padel club will become a benchmark in Europe.


In addition we can tell you that 3 of the 11 padel courts Manzasport will have the same grass that is used in the circuit World Padel Tour. Grass of the brand Mondo Ibérica Super Court, grass of last generation that will delight the padel players.

At Manzasport we are committed to the quality of our padel courts, and of course we actively support this sport. That is why embarking on international projects of this type makes our work illusione, since we like to carry the padel around the world.

Soon we can give you more details of this padel project in Europe.

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