Head official ball


Imagen vía: padelspain.net

Head and the Spanish Federation of Paddle will continue trusting each other after prolonging the duration of their tie, reason why the sport mark will continue being the official ball of the maximum body padellero at national level.

They have been together for two years and the sensations have been more than positive so in the national competitions, players and players will continue to use the same ball that is used in the professional circuit.

The agreement has been signed by Mr. Ricardo Fernández Brigolle, head racket Sports Manager, and Mr.Alfredo Garbisu, president of the Spanish Paddle Federation, and will extend his relationship for another two years.


World Padel Tour 2017 calendar


The professional paddle starts up!

This year we will not enjoy the sporting event of Valencia, but Alicante will be the official World Padel Tour 2017.

The calendar for the 2017 World Padel Tour is out with 11 Opens, 4 Masters and the Master Final in Madrid.

The women’s tour will go overseas for the first time with the Andorra Open, where the men will also feature. Andorra, Portugal, Argentina and the United States will be the four international stops in 2017.

Here is the complete 2017 calendar:

  1. Santander Open: 27th March – 2nd April. Men and women.
  2. Miami Padel Masters: 24th – 30th April. Men.
  3. A Coruña Open: 8th – 14th May. Men and women.
  4. Barcelona Padel Master: 29th May – 4th June. Men and women.
  5. Valladolid Open: 19th – 25th June. Men and women.
  6. Mijas – Costa del Sol Open: 3rd – 9th July. Men and women.
  7. Gran Canaria Open: 24th – 30th July. Men.
  8. Alicante Open: 21st – 27th August. Men and women.
  9. Sevilla Open: 4th – 10th September. Men and women.
  10. Portugal Padel Master: 18th – 24th September. Men.
  11. Andorra Open: 25th September – 1st October. Men and women.
  12. Granada Open: 9th – 15th October. Men and women.
  13. Zaragoza Open: 23rd – 29th October. Men and women.
  14. Buenos Aires Padel Master: 6th – 12th November. Men.
  15. Euskadi Open: 20th – 26th November. Men and women.
  16. Madrid Master Final: 13th – 17th December. Men and women.