Esprit Padel 7 Manzasport padel courts in Lyon

From the hand of our partner in France Conca Sport, is born this sport project that has 7 Manzasport padel courts. We would like to thank Esprit Padel for the trust placed in us and Conca Sport for the great work for the dissemination of padel in France.

Esprit Padel is a sports club that has 6 indoor padel courts, 4 of them Model Pro and 2 Model Panoramic Pro. The seventh Manzasport padel court is the Model Panoramic Pro and is located outside.

The structure of the 7 padel courts is black, which contrasts with the yellow color of the lighting poles, the client’s corporate color.
The grass installed on the 7 Manzasport padel courts is Mondo STX Super Court, the same one used in the World Padel Tour competitions. It is a high quality grass for a sports facility of quality, elegance and good taste, which we hope will delight the padel players who enjoy our sport at Esprit Padel.

To backfill the laid grass, silica sand with rounded edges with a thickness of 02-0,8 mm is used. But in this case, when it comes to Mondo STX Super Court grass requires only 1500 kg of sand per court, instead of the 3500 kg used in other types of grass.

Each of the 7 padel courts is equipped with eight 200W LED lights for a correct illumination of the padel courts during the game.


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