Our padel courts travel again to Dubai

This December, like a Christmas present, our Padel Courts will once again go to Dubai. This time there are 3 new padel courts that we are going to install in Dubai, a city that has become a showcase for our padel courts in the United Arab Emirates.

We appreciate the trust placed in us and the fact that we were chosen again for the manufacture and installation of the 3 Manzasport courts.
Next week our padel courts will land in Dubai, one of our courts will be installed at the Emirates Golf Club. At this prestigious golf club we will install a Manzasport court of our model Panoramic, with blue structure, Mondo grass and LED lighting.
And the other two padel courts, one Aday Model and the other Panoramic Model with green structure, Mondo grass and LED lighting, will be installed at the Dubai Golf Creek, a club that trusts us again, because we have already serviced their padel courts in the past.
We would like to thank Real Racquet Academy, the sports manager of both sports facilities, for trusting us.
We like our work and to visit again a city like Dubai that has given us so much joy in our work, it’s always a pleasure.

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