Manzasport at the World Padel Tour Madrid Challenger 2018

This year we are once again collaborating with the organization of the Challenger World Padel Tour to be the central padel court for the 2018 events. And we start in Madrid with a very special padel court for us, which is part of a project designed by and for the padel. That’s why for this event we decided to present our flagship padel court, and it can only be our model “Paquito Navarro Gold”. And what better place to do this than the capital, Madrid.

The World Padel Tour Madrid Challenger 2018 was held in Madrid from May 18 to June 3, a sporting event with a prize pool of €15,000.


You can consult the tournament tables by following link to the challenger’s official website by clicking here.

We hope that both players and visitors will enjoy the Madrid Challenger to the fullest. Because initiatives like this make padel become more and more known. We are grateful to the organization for counting on us again. Next stop for our padel court is Melilla.

If you want to know about the “Paquito Navarro” padel courts, you can find more information about the features by clicking here.

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