Visit of Paquito Navarro to our factory

During the celebration of the World Padel Tour in Valencia, Paquito Navarro has taken advantage of his stay in our city to visit the ManzaSport padel court factory.

Besides being an ambassador of our courts, Paquito Navarro is a person who is very involved in the world of padel and for a long time wanted to visit our facilities.

In addition to enjoying Paquito with his game and his presence, during this visit we took the opportunity to visit our factory and show him the complete manufacturing process of the Paquito Navarro Gold and Plus courts.

Visita de paco navarro a las instalaciones de Manzasport

Accompanied by our CEO Juan Antonio Senent, who showed him every detail in the manufacture of the Paquito Navarro Plus and Gold padel courts, models of courts designed for the most demanding players with resistant and attractive structures.

Our CEO prepared a tour of the different workstations that make up our facilities, giving an idea of each of the tasks each employee performs within our project.

Paquito showed his excitement, as part of the project since 2018, to once again be able to visit us and supervise how the courts to which he gives his name are manufactured.

Materiales para la nueva pista de Paquito NavarroDuring the visit we were able to show Paquito Navarro the stock of the different types of glass for our padel courts that we have at the factory, as well as the functions and advantages of each one of them.

As we always say Paquito Navarro is a Nº1 both inside and outside the courts, and he demonstrated this with humor during the tour by referring to his incidents with the glass.

Finally, we visited the process of installing a new powder coating booth to control the padel court manufacturing process, seeing the progress we are having in this latest project and commenting on its functionality and the best that it will entail.

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